(Guest Poem from Dawn Bland Written about Wakefield Baptist Church)

I turned up here messed up,
You took the time to support me and advise me
You encouraged me,
To put down in words how I felt inside;

So I wrote my poems,
I’d been isolating myself,
No motivation,
Low self-esteem,
Lacking in confidence;

But everyone here believed in me,
Gave me hope and strength,
To push through each day,
Without your support and guidance,
I wouldn’t be where I am now.
Thank you for believing in me.

Reproduced with permission from the author, Dawn Bland.

Her first book of poems is called Into the Dawn and is available from Dawn via CAP or Wakefield Baptist Church. Proceeds from the book will go to three charities; Spectrum People, Community Awareness Programme Wakefield, Wakefield Baptist Church.

Wakefield Baptist Church: http://wakefieldbaptistchurch.co.uk/night-shelter/drop-in/

1 thought on “Words”

  1. Keep on writing these poems from the gut Dawn, there’s a million celebrity poets out there who think they have a grip on reality, you have it , they don’t.

    Chris Pitts

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