A poem for Pete

(Requiem for a lost friend)

Quiet as an old forgotten summer night,
you slipped away into eternity,
in your home land of Cornwall.

You are now where God sleeps;
our dreams will live again
on that new uncharted shoreline.

There you will build your ship of dreams,
and sail it into the shadow
of the Dream maker’s great mystery.

Again you will make wonder
on those back road
glory trails of youth,

and that old Ford Popular will sing freedom’s song,
down those country lanes
that were mapped on the back of your hand.

Now I can look again
on those wonderful 1960’s summers,
where you were the clown who made laughter talk.

We lived in dreams assured of glory,
and your giant generosity
took our breath away.

I will never say goodbye,
because, in my heart and soul I believe
that you will one day, somewhere, say ‘Hello’.

6 thoughts on “A poem for Pete”

  1. Hi Chris it’s Annabell, Peters daughter. This is so very beautiful and so very apt. Thank you for sharing and we have added this to his order of service. Much love

  2. Chris, your beautiful poem was played during the ceremony and entered on the order or service. Thank you so much. It was a lovely poem!

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