From Night till Now

and the wisdom of Singapore Sid

Somebody said you had joined the Army… I was baffled! How after the Summer of Love could you do that? So many sold out back then and willingly became part of the machine, and when there was nowhere else to run someone got a gun and said, “We will win the Kingdom by force”! As the tide went out on the ‘Love Generation’ it came back in with the revolution hordes. My memory is seared with that knowledge, and blood on the road told us of the end, yes, that glorious road that once took us to far horizons of wondrous possibilities, now took us to killing fields, and hate.

What creature beguiled you in the web of that thunder? I never could get used to those Che Guevara tee-shirts, and that clone of the bone groping for fame that trod underfoot our hopes and dreams.

You were the clown of all glory that rhymed the time with laughter, now you sit with the meathead sheep a; ‘Management consultant!’ God, how did you manage that?

These days I get no peace buried under all this fallout and mass betrayal.
A year or so after the turning of those days I met, ‘Singapore Sid,’ an old traveller on his way to the Strangers Rest for a soup and sandwich, as he sat there with his dirt stained hands holding his sandwich, he said, “Boy, the people out there are trying to build two worlds but, there’s only one to live in!” I said, ‘Solid man solid!’

Poor Sid, poor man, but, rich in wisdom, he chose a road too lonely for me, but what a giant of a man he was, never on benefits, he worked the rich man’s harvest from the far north, south and east and west and learned contentment.

We tried to find it in the system but, we choked on the vomit of ego, pretending not to notice the collateral damage done to the losers?

And now you have a nuclear family and proud university degrees, and the machine has wiped the file of your memory.

Singapore Sid is still on the road tonight, his hopes and dreams still live,

ours don’t.

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