Except the Lonely

Please don’t roll the dice upon my heart.

Somewhere in the summer of 1964 Bob Dylan wrote the folk/poem; “It’s all right Ma I’m only bleeding.” Words from that song have disturbed my mind many times, particularly,

“The rules of the road have been lodged,
but it’s only people’s games you got to dodge!”

Down the seconds, minutes, and years of my existence in the workplace, those words have rang out, and at times were the only thing to get me through, Why? Because, I knew that someone had seen through the mud and shit of it all, and had put up a headstone reading out those words, for all the shit upon in the circus of the desolate, hopeless, unseen, ignored, souls in the earthly purgatory.
Yes the Meatheads played mind games and made the word, “Truth” disappear into the sum of their hopes and aspirations.

Career psychopaths rewrite the dictionary leaving a language of limited definition and a “New Speak” tyranny; words are now the machine gun bullets and dodging them next to impossible.

I am pleading, the air is loaded with death and I say: Please don’t roll the dice upon my heart! You Kings and Queens who hold the wires, you bastard puppeteers, I see a full moon coming against which you can only gibber and cry, but for now, you win, and no one understands except the truly alone because, they have a knowledge beyond your words.

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