Just Carrying Out Orders

The china doll falls from the shelf and smashes,
The child on the assembly line broken by design,
Gang master’s smile flashes!
Just a capitalist dream, stirred in the cream of profit
In the thunder of power, young sweat turning sour
But don’t knock it!
Someone’s just carrying out orders…

In the dread Hell, of Alzheimer’s shell,
a human heart beats,
Under the curse of an indifference, nurse
nicely folding the sheets,
she ignores the cry, ‘please let me die’ and leaves the bed,
ticks a box on the report
without a thought in her head,
she’s, ‘Just carrying out orders’

People betrayed by trust, the politicians ‘boom and bust,’
falls from his lips,
in the night club a young girl’s dream, housed in the move of her hips!
The fashion industry hype, dictates the night’s crooked line,
she is the vending machine, dance floor queen,
throwing pearls before swine,
on her flesh they dine,
she is just, carrying out orders…….

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