Damnations seed

I, I, I, loving self-illusions, confusions, introduced to myself reunions.

The one thing that I hate above all, is ‘Self Knowledge.’ The ‘I in Me’ and my helplessness to control this supercharged ego, going Ninety miles an hour down a dead end street.

This ocean of complexity called man has all the ability programmed within him, to change the world; but the agonies, dread and terror go on, and on.
How can such a creature even speak the word ‘Democracy’? What vast playgrounds of delusion await us at that end of the pier show?

In the prison, where Born Again fundamentalist, Evangelical Atheists, nod their heads to the creed of the mind, and boredom meets a genius on the road to euthanasia’s Parasite paradise, there are no bars, none whatsoever, only cast iron certainties!

I have come to see that we don’t even donate to humanity in this theatre of being. Assured are the dark tides of hopelessness; damnations seed will get me, and you.

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  1. Note from Chris Pitts to the webmaster…

    Great, Great, picture for ‘Damnation’s seed’ absolutely perfect! ‘End of Pier show’ perfect picture Dick cosmic.

    Thank you for helping me to explore these secret places of the mind with uninhibited liberty.

    I hope to do so right up to the parking lanes of sanity and dementia’s teeth.

    I fully realise the repatition of melancholy, who knows it may help believers who are ‘Acquainted with grief?’

    Perhaps this email can be posted on the website? If, ‘The truth sets us free’ then I have no need to hide my MD.

    I will post something humorous soon I promise!

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