Standing Still

Is motion something overrated? The watcher sees all but does not move,  home skies caress the tramp, content in the hayloft, warmed by newspaper clothes and the dirt of roads.

He has learned to ignore the paths ahead that call him to wander to the lines beyond vision, where unknown valleys and county boundaries meet the doom of the day. He knows that all is the same, another sky, the same sky, the wandering ways are now closed to him, and he must stop walking.

Are we not all standing still? How can we escape this; “Just over there it will be better!”

We are really standing still and have only the illusion of motion, aging children dreaming of wandering loveliness. Softly a thousand shattered men cry to silence.

The moon is full tonight, and will fool my mind into thinking, I go walking.

(Photo is “Motion Blur” by Chris Harnish –

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